Why Gold is Such a Precious Mineral

Gold is quite astonishing; it can be scratched or dented with the blade of a knife or squashed when struck with a hammer. Gold has a low melting point and is more malleable than any other mineral. It can be hammered into very thin sheets and can be drawn into wire as long as 35 miles. Some details include:

Prospecting, Planning & Finding Gold

If you want to be successful at finding gold, you got to know where to look. Whether you are prospecting or panning, understanding how to find gold is a necessity. By watching, reading and listening you will be well on your way to knowing gold’s nature and character. Good gold prospectors have that expertise.

What To Listen For When Detecting For Gold

There are a few basic rules that you need to consider first and foremost when detecting for gold. The first rule being, you need to dig everything. You can never know if a signal is gold just by listening to the response, particularly if the object is sizeable or close to the surface. These areas are often around old excavations where there is a lot of trash that has accumulated throughout the years.

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