Utilize Metal Detectors to Prospect for Gold

Prospecting for gold in the desert is a lot different then prospecting or sluicing for gold in streams or rivers. If you’re trying to find nuggets in the desert that has no natural water source, then a high quality metal detector will be your greatest asset. Even though you could look for gold in various rock formations, the chance of finding gold are more likely with a metal detector.

Don’t assume that just because you’re in a desert that you wont find gold in the ground with a metal detector. In countries like Australia, Africa and certain states in America like Arizona and California you can find some of the best gold metal detecting. However, due to its geology, states like Texas are not a good desert location to find gold.

First things first, find out if gold nuggets have ever been found in that particular desert area. You can find this out quickly by doing an Internet search; this will tell you if prospectors have found gold nuggets in your selected area. If you don’t research it ahead of time your only sure bet is to go to Australia, Africa, Arizona or another location that’s rich in gold nuggets.

Once you determine where you are going to search for gold, you need to purchase the metal detector that is specially designed to find buried gold in desert or non-desert environments. Contact Apex Picks today to see how they can help you get well on your way to understanding proper metal detecting.


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