Why Gold is Such a Precious Mineral

Gold is quite astonishing; it can be scratched or dented with the blade of a knife or squashed when struck with a hammer. Gold has a low melting point and is more malleable than any other mineral. It can be hammered into very thin sheets and can be drawn into wire as long as 35 miles. Some details include:

  • Weighty – 19.3 in precise gravity
  • Soft – 2.5 on hardness scale
  • Gold can be found almost anywhere in the world

Gold’s beauty and resistance to chemicals makes it incredibly valuable and is therefore used for things such as coins, jewelry and dentistry. It is an everlasting mineral that is not affected by corrosives, water, air or time. Even some NASA satellite sections are covered with gold to protect it from the corrosion and heat from outer space. There are some industries in this nation that use over 8 million ounces of gold every year.

You can find traces of this plentiful mineral in deposits of zinc, coal, clay, lead and copper. This mineral can also be found in parts of the sea, scientists have discovered there are 6 parts gold for every trillion parts of water, unfortunately scientist haven’t been able to find a way that is economical enough to retrieve it.

Throughout history, gold was the first metal to be mined because it can be prospected with primeval tools and considered to be one of the most precious minerals.

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